He is not a perfect guy; but he is exactly what she needs.He is not the best looking guy around, but his personality makes him a handsome person to her. He doesn’t have a lot of money, but he spoils her with attention, affections, honest, loyalty and love. Sometimes he does not know how he cares.He makes mistakes at times, but he tries to make up for them. He does not have the biggest muscle or the nicest body but he has a really strong heart, he gets too busy for her sometimes; but he never forgets to try to make time for her, atleast to pay her a visit once in a while, to text her, to call her and go out with her some times.He is not good at a lot of things but he always gives her his best. He may make her mad sometimes but he knows how to put smiles back on her face. No other guy loves her more than he does; I think she is lucky and blessed to have him in her life. 
       Ladies; If you have got a guy of that kind; love and care about him always; Stick around him and never let an arguement tear you apart; Say sorry whenever you are wrong, but with a forgiving heart; respect him; don’t listen to rumours and be proud of him.


Happy valentine in advance.


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