Goddess of The Earth

​   Like the heavenly bodies

She’s fair and beautiful

Delicately fragile

Ever shining like the sun 

For her beauty is not to debate

Smiles so cute,charming and daring

Height tailored perfectly to hear her man’s heart beat

Her skin glows 

For the heavens have worn her a dress

And many wonder what she uses

For a skin so good,is rare to find

In this time where in acidic chemicals

Are given to the daughters of men

To tear and wear them off before time


    Men cross the Mississippi to gaze at her 

To have a word with her 

And listen to her subtle voice

See how her tongue twists as she talks

Hear her laugh

Hope to watch her while she takes rest at night

As they can only but imagine what beauty

She chameleons when under covers

They come just to know if its true

That a goddess takes a human form

And dwells among men of their kind


       She’s of a tender heart

Soft as the Lilly

She carries the worries of others on her shoulder

Mother amongst mothers will she be

For the God above has destined it so

She’s tough and fights with the strength of princess Amina


    She quenches humanity’s thirst with water from the wells dug by her

Her pots are full of  the best East of the Niger

For she is of the water bodied tribe

She’s the pride of her family


     Oh! Beauty of the land

Goddess of the earth

Bringer of rain

Your day has come

Give wine to the sons of men to drink

And meat to their daughters to eat

Make them see your splendour

For thy creator has remembered you once again

#Pendropspoetry celebrates Miss Imaobong as she clocks +1 today


11 thoughts on “Goddess of The Earth

  1. Ok. Though belated by unforseen contingencies, the wishes remain true, a blissful anniversary I extend to you whilst wishing Pendropspoetry could chew their words to pour forth more wisdom……#keep_it_up, Bunky.


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