Nature’s Beauty

​As I walked down the path 

And a smile crosses my lips 

I looked around at nature fullness

Oh! It’s full of beauty..  

      Look at the waters; how peaceful it flows

Look at the waterfall; full of greatness 

Look at the sky; it’s firmament so thrilling 

And night’s stars;how the twinkle for you

Wonderful world 

   Listen to the birds ; how the sing for you.

Look at the sun ; how it shines for you and all you do. 

Look at the colours of the rainbows; so pretty in the sky

Nature so lovely… 

     The soft tickling grasses at your feet 

The gentle breeze that caress ones skin 

The sweet aroma from nature’s bliss.

The flower that blossoms by you 

The dancing butterflies across your face 

The just add up for you

   And I think to myself

How much beautiful can nature be?

#David Kay


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