While on our sinking beds we lay to slumber,
And slumber to sleep,

We never may for a blink remember

Those staying awake within the night and timber

Just for our breath to save and keep.


   While with glutton meals we eat to merry

And drink for cheers and much of toast

We never for once may know any

Not for one though in troops many

Who for our sake, starve both in season dry and frost


       While he jolly with family and peers

And for spin make the best of funs

His eyes may be blind to their pain and fears

For those with less of love and cares

Alone in the woods with their boots and guns


          While we seat and stay behind

And weep for missing daughters

We never may know of those who it also bothers

As they go through all part and corners

Just for them to safely find.


       While we dance and rejoice

Of our daughters saved and rescued

We never may hear of their deed

While in the theater of battle many were killed

As their mothers count their dead and loss.

#Jeremiah Iniobong

(This poem is written to all soldiers sacrificing their lives and comfort, to maintain peace, and to preserve our national heritage. We love you all)


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