The Sheep-Lion

​The Lion said and I quote:’No matter the economy of the jungle, I cannot eat grass’

But I’ve seen people in my generation who are bigger,better,more fierce than the lion,fearfully,intimidatingly,audaciously and tenaciously made,people who claim to carry the ‘Lion of the Tribe of Judah’, on their inside,stoop so low as to become mediocre of life,objects of scorn,generational bundles of shame and failure, ancient monuments of disregard and cowardice,paraded victims of the ‘economy’,constant customers/eaters of the crumbs that fall from the table of the ‘big few.’

Constant beggars of alms at the gate called ‘beautiful.’I see youths stand morning and night with plates in their hands,their eyes fixed on the being ‘Government’,expecting a penny to drop,saying;’Oga anything for your boy?’

I see people in my generation reverse the order.Boasting to be humans,but not anywhere better than the minutest,insect and animal in the jungle…Even the Ants say and I quote:’No matter how long the rains fall,we cannot go hungry,we are survivors’

Be aware of your potentials and act in the knowledge of your person and personality.



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