Have a look at time behind
When i was incapable and undecided

A time when life choices were made for a helpless self

I watched and saw the route my life took 

And that was all I could do; watch 

And now looking at time in motion

Am all to myself,feeling alone in a big world

The choices cooked in a pot of concern

Served on a plate of foresight

Fed to me from the hand of love

Is all but a bittersweet memory etched in my past

I am all alone in the kitchen of decisions

Left to cook, serve and eat my own choices

It beats to realize choices are not conjured

Its aftermath births a lesson of its own

I have seen the extremities when the meal goes wrong

How am caught between two ends

Like mariners between Syclla and Charybdis

At some point, I see no road ahead 

Going back seems out of place

And it becomes a really big fence I sit upon

Looking in all directions, they become a big signpost

With the inscription “lost”

Yet the meal is being cooked and must not get burnt

Cuz the choices that make up the time ahead

Works with the time in the present

They all connect like a big network

Spinning my sphere of mind in its orbit

Leaving me staring at crossroads



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