​Day Time Musings

I once confessed to my mother that I smoked pot.
The look on her lovely,dark face?

Award winning!

She thought she “knew” her son inside-out.

Her extensive knowledge of her son couldn’t and didn’t gear her up for the bombshell(sort of) I dropped on her emotional head.


You wake up one morning and discover your twinnie has been arrested for stealing at Udoette street. You sit down and think and say to yourself, “Uyai is not that sort of person..I KNOW her.. She doesn’t have that kind of OT.”

But she confessed to you later. She did it. You are shocked.


You “knew” Uyai too well.
You see,the knowledge we have of people around us is just a handful of mustard seeds compared to the undiscovered facets of their lives. Really.

Look at the person sitting next to you. Do you know what’s on his/ her mind?

Do you know his/ her next move?

No you don’t. If you’re adamant, I’ll say you have an idea.

There’s a strong dose of uncertainty in your thoughts.

BUT what you know for sure is the person’s name,his occupation, his department, bla bla.

Think about it.. And you’ll find out what you know about your “bestie” is just surface details ( which may also entail some “deep” knowledge of the person, as you like to think [shame]))
Our eyes should be open to this:

Humans are dynamic. Even trivial things make them change. A semester’s result changes them, a failed relationship changes them, FOOD is a worthy-mention factor,too. Don’t smirk.

If we paid an iota of a second’s attention to the aforementioned surface factors, we would understand the person you left in the hostel for night class might not be the same person you come back to see the next morning.
I might be talking rubbish. Yes, rubbish, but why do certain information about your best friend surprise you?

How well do you know your father, your mother, your Twinnie, your Sidey, your bunkie, your spouse, that girl/guy you smashed last night.??
A helluva Food for Thought,FAM.



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