​     Gray old songbird 

Could you tell me why I’m sad

Can your tiny feet rest on my palm

And tell me in a language I understand 

      Speak, speak

Please won’t you try 

Can you show me things beyond my eye 

Or give meaning to this meaningless life 


Oh! Won’t you try 

When you sit on that tree 

I wonder what bothers your mind 

        Gray bird 

Would you sing a song instead 

Little short-billed bird 

Would you sing away our pain 

Let our hearts both converge at melody’s stead 

Tell me why we walk when we both can fly 

     Stay, songbird 


This is my closest to something so beautiful 

Oh! please don’t you go 

Let us share this moment till time waits no more 

    Sing, blackbird 


Let us sing till the stars say hello



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