‘Tell Her’

I am constantly working on myself.
Also trying to make my account fat and shapeless .

Making sure my ancestry’s stereotype don’t appear in me.

     Tell her I will be “husband”

A Gardener and not a hunter.

        Tell her that with me,I will go to any length to make her fulfill potentials.

Tell her I want to be that proud husband that will grin when I see her constantly on the screen donating her talents to the world.

         Tell her that I will

Tend,mould ,prune and water her 

To become the woman other women will envy.

     Tell her I don’t care if we don’t make babies.

Please tell her also, I don’t mind any gender.

Tell her that she alone is enough,more than enough.

     Tell her that even in my fury,I will still call her by her pet name.

And then drink from the milk of her kindness.

     Tell her that Zanziba awaits us.

The winds of the Caribbean can’t wait to caress her skin.

The Ranch in Obudu craves our footprints .

The Maldives want me to feed her there.

   Tell her that a power couple we will be.

Tell her,

Please tell her

Idoreyin Umoh (Esq)


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