My Crush

​  Just once I set my eyes on her

But from then on my heart has thought always of her, 

That wonderful creation of God

Has kept me in awe ever since. 

        Bright like a star, 

Glittering like Gold. 

Fair precious beauty, 

Wonder work of the creator. Shall I be blessed with thee?. 

      Pray I have, 

Think I have

Always seeing 

Her eyes glow. 


     Her smiles send one beyond the realm. 

That calm precious gift of God

Has send me praying hard

      Had Solomon beheld her then, 

The Shunamite woman

Would not earn her own praise. 

      Had she been by his side-

By David’s bed, death

She would have scared.

He would have lived 


For beauty she is

Without a doubt 

       Each time I stay to think

Is man worthy of this Queen?, 

For no price no Gold, 

can be enough. 

Priceless she is 

       But our minds often 

Fight our tongue, 

For it refuses to give 

Our mouth words to say

      So say I in a short;

With all sense of admiration, that

She is such a beautiful creature-

My Crush

#Abasianam James


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