Queen Esther

At her best, she is a Queen
Every other day,’ Esther’

Radiant, glowing enigma

Like the strength of the sun

On a brand new diamond

Her love, joy and charisma

Loud like the cry

Of a brand new-born

On the eve of Christmas


Some say:

‘What a pen drops poetry!’

Only elite ones

Shakespeare is Re-born

Beautiful in heart

Adorned with the glorious apparel of her writing craft

“All is fair in love and war”

I’d seriously doubt that after considering

How fair you look

Nothing fairer than you

When you smile all I see is a cute dimple

Smiles that tell you are simple

I don’t know where you come from

But I know where Queens come from

I went to Mars and found that place

A special place

Just out of this Earth
                               ~andy ~


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