Let Her Know

​Let her love you 

She’s here for you

She’s here to take and give

     Take her world to another level 

Take her heart giving her yours

She’s here just for you and a little bit more

    Give her the best in bed 

Give her the best rest and kiss

Make her understand you ain’t her ex

And far after it, better than her next

    Love  her, it ain’t no jokes

Trust her like you would with chilled coke

Make her understand, you can’t spend a minute without her

Make her understand

‘Baby it wasn’t easy finding you’

    Its going to be difficult to forever let go of her

‘I know you’re going to be good for me’

Make her see its just only her and her alone

Make her understand 

All you would want is for her to love you just like you do 

#Esther Eton


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