To My erstwhile Friends 

As I walk down the boulevards of memory

An eidetic view seems to be my recompense

As I tread down the path we used to take

Images of us flood my sight

Our affinity was enviable 

Enamoured by a bond so natural

But then the big question comes… 

Why has things suddenly changed? 

We were never in dearth of mutual acumen

Our thoughts aligned and did dovetail

What really got wrong? 

Did I jettison the bond? 

Or did you discard them yourself? 

Did I suddenly become a bore?

That you felt you needed to change over

Or was it you who were perfunctory? 

Were our tiffs suddenly unbearable?

That promises once made forever became broken

Maybe they were just  passersby 

Maybe they were the sun itself 

But surely they’d one day go

Contingently or naturally

My erstwhile Friends

Just as you’ve moved on

I also have

Yes we would all move on 

As we were nothing but phases in each other’s life



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