Yet Another Dream

I had a dream

In it,I saw a star

Advertising a drink on CNN

To my amazement, he wasn’t an American star

He was a Nigerian star

Advertising ‘KUNUCOLA’


      …After that,yet another dream

CNN announced a new brand of wedding cake

I concluded that the west has done it again

But when I took a closer look

I discovered it was ‘AKARA” 

Straight from NIGERIA


 Still,I had another dream

It was a world wide rush for a visa lottery other than American visa

I lost my senses

For it was a Nigerian visa lottery 


       And I  had yet another dream

I saw a mighty bill board

Announcing that the previous dreams

I had Could be fulfilled 

If Nigerians began to think above their stomachs 

And dream beyond survival

     #Harmony Augustine 


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