Woman of Africa

   Her skin glows

Soft and silk

Beauty precedes her entrance

Black,bold and beautiful

She’s proud of her color

   She’s got curves

Like the French curve

Her Round bossom meets with her

Lower region at her waist

Revealing the figure 8

Thick,dark,Wooly hair

Into different shades she turns them

She’s got the beautiful flat nose

Small adoringly dark lips

Ever inviting like honey

Soft like the lilies 


    Her hands,soft like a baby’s

Though she breaks mountains with them

Those hands awaken in the morning

Tills the earth and brings food to the table

Her children lack no food


    She’s humble and reveres her lover

She bows and calls him ‘My Lord’

At his presence

She gives suckle to him at night

And suckle to her kids at day

‘My breast are his’,so she says

She satisfies him at night

Runs down her hands down his temple and beyond

Sending shrills to his spine and moans to his lips

Her meals leaves him yearning for more

She’s always on the path way to his heart


    She keeps her home with a strong bond

Fighting off every predator

Princess Amina she is to her home

For she’s the warrior of her own self

She’s the cock that crows in the morning

She awakens her home to the struggle of life

And trains them in the battle field of life

‘Never concede defeat’,she tells them


   She obeys the Creator’s command in excess

Like waters over their banks

She pushes with much vigour and strength

At the ninth month

Many times as her man pours into her

She visits the room of pain and life

She’s accustomed to this courtesy visit

That she does it with ease

Like the Hebrew women


      She wrestles with poverty

At the upper hem of her loin cloth

Does she save her coins

For the evil days


    Her love for her seed

Overthrows her desires for clothing

She goes naked to teach her child the white man’s culture

She’s has the heart of a jewel 


    There could only be one woman

Who fits the picture

She’s the woman of Africa

Her strength and power lies not in blows

But in her resilience to be a worthy child 

Of the goddess of womanhood


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