House of Sin

​   Your eyes are full with lust

The world says ‘you’re lost!’

Purpose says you’ve drifted from the game

That’s why your name

Doesn’t have a place in the hall of fame



       Zip up and get busy with time

Lest you go sour like lime

In the taste buds

Of not just men but bugs

Because your cup of sin is about to Bud

     Listen up o man

Every drip of pleasure can be dried up

If discipline holds you up

You’re born with the ability ‘CAN’

Lessen not your pride,dignity and strength

For even the maker has times to sin

But He throws those times in the righteousness bin!



    The world is full of injustice

It didn’t start from the dust of equity

But from the skies of iniquity

The Maker’s sin is not sin

But its called ‘Holy Sin’

While we mortals

Our sins:sins they are seen

By the maker and our fellow mortals

The struggle begins within us

We are the injustice of ourselves

Man will always work against its own



         We are created to be a house of sin

Even the courts above

Doesn’t see nothing holy about you!

No matter how you try

Just try not to stray

You might not be found like the lost sheep or coin


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