Diary of a Silent Child

​You are born little and no one knows what you hold.You can’t speak for yourself so that you don’t hurt someone and the fear of anyone smacking you is all over you.You stroll on the sidewalk with million visions going through your head.You can just create the whole world.But then,there’s the good and the bad.It’s there so that the world can have a balance.You are you!You are rude,you are nice,you are sweet,you are humble,hardworking,and the opposite,but you show more of the good side of you cause you can control the bad ones which you can’t really potray.They are just your mindset and you even continue thinking if you had the whole time in the world to think about it.You get punished even wen you’re not at fault.While growing up,everyone blames you and calls you bad names but you can’t do anything but cry because you’re a silent child.So you took a bold step and decided to overcome those fears and started saying everything the way it was.More people started loving you,smiling at you for no reason,petting you and keeping in touch.They even praised you cause they thought you were doing the right thing without knowing what it took you to take up that decision.But now things are cool with you.What this cruel world should know is that humans are not the same and should be treated fairly and equally.People are born quiet and we should understand that.People of the world are something else.There are victims out there dying of depression.I couldn’t die because I wasn’t my time yet.I was silent once,but I changed.And that’s what pays for becoming a silent child,now what am I ?I may not know,but I know me,and what I am made of …Who are you?



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