‘The First’

​’The first’ she’s called

Opening up the V-shaped arena

For others to walk the earth

Tall,light-skinned,slim but healthy

Dark strands she’s got in abundance

Her brows rich and thick

Beauty as a crown seats on her head

Protruding her fore 


      Waist tiny but swaying

At the sound of rhythm

Does she tune her body

Gracefully to make a meaning

Left to right she goes

Back and front to toes



   On the display transparent board

Does she seat

‘Dorah the explorer’

She screams with excitement in her vocals

She leads her little half to the set

Together they sing the songs of Disney


     ‘It’s chicken and not chickin’;’Girl not kirl’

‘Repeat after me’

She will say

The white man’s way she has learnt

‘I am Doctor Nicole’

My dream says so!



   She screams and the world goes deaf

Like the chipmunks; she jumps on you

Ready to give you a new look from her touch

‘Let me comb your hair this way’

She will say

She has but a comb and ribbon in her salon

You just will not go back the same

Twisted turns will your hair have

For the ‘stylist’ has touched your hair


     Finally, after much ado 

She falls into the hands of nature

And journeys to the land of rest and calm

By mum’s help and talk


      She strikes a pose

Saying ‘I’m the first,you can’t do nothing!’

Hands up,mouth open,winked eye

Legs twisted to face different directions

Smile so cute worn

And she goes..’durhhhhh…’


     Heart so young and frail

Trust so deep and real

Tears so pure but weighty

Playing and talking with all

No time for child segregation

She goes calling to her friends

‘I’m older today,celebrate my new-old age’

Pendropspoetry celebrates Princess Nicole The First @5

Have fun dear


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