​ Sounds echoed in my ear

Eerie and yet chilling.

My respects I paid

To the one I name my soul

The moonlight shone 

Pervaded my privacy

It was time to leave.


      Instincts screamed danger

Lurking around, the terror

Tombs were moved

The stench so foul

I ought to run

My legs failed me

It gave way

To the grounds embrace


     From the left angle

I saw it come out

There was no figment

Did not dare imagining

The hands, slimy and cold

Crept out, to hunt 

The souls of the living


      The scene played before me

I knew I had to flee

But my strength was dying

They came into form

The light showed their motion
Coming, coming to me

Crawling on all fours

That instance, my legs

Had a life of its own

I kept hearing the sounds;

Behind me it came,

The cold air transported

The sounds to ear

My mind inactive

Yet with one imprint:



  When day came

I sat still and in shock

This wasn’t real

But it was 

As real ass nature

I never forget

The midnight chase



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