​   Hahaha

The old stricken ragged rusty man laughs

He listens to the cries of the Lords for justice



He laughs again

Because their plea for justice

Have been denied them



He laughs

At their broken windows

Smashed cars

Bruised ceilings

Mantled doors



He laughs

At the shock on the faces of the Lords

For they never thought that the hunter will be hunted by the Lion



He laughs

Because of the look of pain on the faces of the Lords

Because they’ve spent a night in his room

The room with bars

Where in rodents are his neighbors

A room which smells of torture

Pain and anguish



He laughs

That the lords have shared his status

Though its just for a day

That the lords are being reckoned with the same treatment he receives

No shower;no food;no artificial air to make his kind shiver to their bones



He laughs

Because the Lords are being bundled for doing nothing by the men in black

Same way he is being bundled for doing nothing

The Criminals are finally treated like one




He laughs

Because the weapons of the Lords

Created by them to fight against him

Have turned against their masters

‘DSS’ have done their job

They’ve woken up from their slumber

The Lord’s spell is broken

And scales fallen from their eyes



He laughs

What goes around has finally come around



He laughs

But with tears in his eyes


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