The Vow

Like a bride before her groom

Looking deep into your eyes

Searching beyond your lens

Which I know they see through the 

Deepest parts of my heart

And know even the thoughts

I am yet to think of

Do I renew my vows once again

On this altar where we first met

That night

I was all alone,among the saints

When I knew I wasn’t one

Feeling I could not love

Possibly love could not 

And would not give me a chance

There,you spoke through someone

As though you were shy

The thought of you and your glaring

Tremendous, trembling yet loving 

And soothing personality pierced 

Through the deepest parts of my hearts

Your strong arms,they held me

Even before I could even blink my eyes

I still remember how I felt

I could not find my legs no more

There and then I knew

I had more than Just one heart

I had the heart to love;and love from my heart

You weakened even the strongest of my bones

You brought me down to my knees

And made me cry like a baby

From my hearts

These words came out 

As a seed sprouts from the soil

‘I surrender all’

‘I love you’

‘Take me this night,even this night’

‘I betroth my body,soul and spirit’

To your Lordship my Lord’

‘Take away my ignorance’

‘And make me totally thine’ 


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