They say today is something

Something’very special’

A reminder of my freedom from the pre baked race

From exploitation, pain, slavery and anguish

But no

Its just but a renewal of pain to me

A bell being rang yearly

Telling me that I’m really not free

A reminder of the deceit of the pre baked race

A reminder of the unwanted and unholy marriage between ME and some strange folks

From the Saharan

One whose religious beliefs they’ve forced me to live with and tolerate…

And yes it been 56 years we got joined together in ‘I do’ 

By that half baked priest

What’s his name again

I hear folks call him Luggard

Some call him Sir Lord Luggard..

Well I call him the uncalled priest

For he was a priest called unto himself

A doer of the bid of that woman

I hear she is a queen

The queen of the half baked race

For he was ordained by her for her selfish purpose

Today is only but a renewal of a slavery contract

For the founding fathers themselves

Had derailed from the vision

Their self interest interrupted the mission

And now I’m in more shackles than I was before

I hear the drums rolling

I hear the sound of music from afar

I see the youths celebrating glorified  slavery 

Out of ignorance

And they call it independence

I see them being ruled by their ancestors

Who should have passed away years ago

I see them being quiet 

Their rights are chairs upon which these kleptomaniacs seat on

Woe unto me

For I am like sounding brass

My dignity and pridee is gone

My woes continue
My tears keep flowing

My body is weary and dry

I will continue to sing my woes

And tell that story of my continued slavery

Who will wipe my tears?


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