I am tall

I am dark

I am healthy

For my doctor says so

I am handsome

For my mirror tells me so

I am African

I am Nigerian

I am Akwaibom

I am Oron

For my Certificate states so

I am an Engineer

The transformer is my friend

I am a worker of my own self

I am busy with purpose
I am single

I am still searching 

For the one whose appearance 

Will awaken those sleeping lines inside of me
I am a Sunday worshipper

For my religion says so

I have a being I know

And worship

Though not seen by me
I have a motto

I have a philosophy

I am the lord of my own self
I am young
I am vibrant

Age and strength tell me so
I am truth

I stand for transparency

I hate the dabbling tongues of men

My dislikes tell me so
I am vision

For eyes I have

For my mind sees farther than the now

I am a master of time

Time is my greatest friend

Though its my slave


I am me and not you

I am Ante

I am +1 today


Celebrating Mr.Ante as he turns +1 today

Happy birthday.May the blessings be


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