‘I was an abused child’

‘And endured the pain of’

‘An alcoholic family friend who is yet to pass’

‘Away cause i’m gonna help’

‘With that process’
She was 9

He was a family friend

He forced his way into her bubble. 
At 10

He touched her

He made her do things 

And he scared her

Her heart warm and forgiving

She accepted the pleading apologies

He gave her
He grabbed her when he tickled her

And got her alone when he could

He did this for years

He didn’t rape her somehow

But the later would have probably been a Better option to the former
He grabbed her 

And watched her struggle for quite a while She was kicking,screaming and crying

Her muscles were tired and hurting

But she couldn’t give up
3 months later

She was introduced into puffing and sniffing

She was scared but knew she had to

Physical abuse had a better way of convincing her
No one knew her struggles

After all her grades were fine

And she acted happy
Now,she is years old

She still has nightmares and

Can’t stand someone joking about

Sex, rape, or molestation
But one thing is true

She is a stronger person

And probably saved many other

Girls from this nightmare.



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