Foetus you were

Just but a foetus

Curled up in your mother’s womb

Secured from the woes and pains of the world
You were not to stay there forever

Though you wanted to

You were carried by one woman

But pushed out by many

In pains and anguish…

You cried into the world

Because you never wanted to come out from that place..wherein you had all you wanted

Without having to work for them.

You had shelter,food…
But you didn’t have it all

You had to wear clothes,make money,

Have friends,have a name,impact your world

And worship a God

For that is the primary reason for your existence.You were born to count the rosary
You’ve grown past the years of sucking the mammary gland

Mumbling words known by you alone

Being carried by people to your destination
Your primary dentition have all fallen off

And the big brothers have surfaced

Guarding what comes in and out of your mouth

Crushing what needs to be crushed

You no longer have the manhood of a child
You can now father a nation

Send signals into space

And they are recognized
You no longer carry the box of food round your neck and a bag on your back

You no longer cry at night for mum and dad’s protecting presence

You walk and not crawl

With your vision 

You’ve set out on a mission

In pursuit of your passion
You own your own boat

You’re the captain of your own ship

The paddler of your own boat

The commander of your own army

The power of choice is now in your 

Own hands

Make your future with it

Manage the power lest it manages you 

Sail in the right direction!!!

Pendropspoetry celebrating Mr.Columbanus@25

May the blessings be!!!


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