My Lover

‘I’m done with you’

‘Yes you!!’

‘I’m so done with you’

‘I don’t want to ever see you again’

‘Don’t call my line’

‘Don’t visit me’

‘Go so far away’

‘Take this tip’

He said that to me

My personality

And integrity was trampled upon

He professed love to me

I believed him from the very beginning

I trusted him

Unknown to me 

I was just another prey in his trap

Like others 

He ate my coco butter

He explored my savannah 
When he was done

The wolf in him was uncovered

And his wrath unleashed on me

His venom was so acidic

It burnt my lungs,twisted my intestines,sored my throat

And invaded my womanhood

Yes!he gave that disease to me

He poured it liberally into me

I thought I was gonna be the mother of his child

Not knowing I was only made a carrier of that diseases 

It’s called AIDS

For he was my lover!!!


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