Mama Lioness

Mama lioness

Your struggle in the jungle

Has been great and mighty

And today its being rewarded
For you don’t celebrate alone but with cubs surrounding your den..

Birthed by you
Mama lioness

Daily you feed  your cubs with the meat of the games you catch in the jungle.

We lack not meat nor grow thirst for water…

You roar our enemies away

And fight off our invaders with your claws…
Mama lioness..

You train your cubs to fend for themselves,fight against the enemy,

And live in unity

Your cubs have turned into LIONS and LIONESSES

The lions have had their own family and Name

The Lionesses  have been joined to another worthy Lion..

While others are still walking the path…

We join hands to celebrate you Mama lioness 

Not on your death,but your birthday..

Happy birthday mama lioness

More grace to the DEN


Pendropspoetry celebrating Mrs Utan @54

Happy birthday ma.May the blessings be


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