Clarion Call

​Listen to the clarion call

The call to victory

Liberation of the body,soul,and mind

Listen to the clarion call
Heed the clarion call

And break the chains on you

Buy and sell freely in the market

Sell to your people and external entities
Heed the clarion call

Lest famine come upon you

Lest you become a slave to your creditors
Heed the clarion call 

Lest the  economy bows to hardship

Lest you drink from the gutter

And struggle with the pigs for food
Heed the clarion 

Lest a civil war breaks out

Lest you die in the battle ground

Lest your wives be taken by another

Your female children stripped of their innocence

And your male children become bond servants to strangers

Lest your generation be born in sorrow
Heed the clarion call

And breathe fresh air
Heed the clarion call 

And uproot the beast

Take not bribe,and pay deaf ears to their never ending recitation of memorised promises..’propaganda’ they call it
Heed the clarion call

Make your name great

Have your dignity and pride restored

And your barns filled with food 
Heed the clarion call 

Let the Naira be equal to the white man’s paper..for it is but paper..
Heed the clarion call

Fight for Nigeria..


And Chant not the song of ‘CHANGE’


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