The Wash Boy

We are unfortunately fortunate

We are the less privileged

The rejects of the society

We are the roses that are being trampled upon by her

Yes her name is life

We have no education

The white man’s culture doesn’t mean nothing to us

All we want is survival for tomorrow 

We stand by the roadside in traffic

Our job begins when the red color shows up and you with your moving houses are called to a halt

We carry water in Eva bottles

With pierced openings at their caps

We use our foams and our liquid soap to wash your cars

Our services aren’t wanted by you

But it’s necessary 

We don’t ask for money 

But you must give us money

Our voice is your conscience 

We are not beggars

We are workers 

But we work as a medium to earn money

But you call us beggars

I am the wash boy on the street

Yes that’s my name

Call me by that name anytime any day

I will serve you but make sure you pay me.


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